Team iCARD

We 're here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Jeff Ehney
Ft Lauderdale Main Office
954-376-3180 x2001

Jeff founded iCARD in 1998, is its CEO, and is responsible for sales. Need more information or assistance placing an order? He's your guy and will reply in English or maybe try to impress you with a little Thai, Mandarin, French or Russian.

Mr. Ehney's professional career crosses the real estate, finance, publishing, and telecommunications sectors. He has played a management role in four start-ups. As Managing Director for Ladder International's Southeast Asian business, Mr. Ehney set up and ran a BBC & Walt Disney licensed multimedia publishing office in Bangkok. He was a founding employee of a fabless semiconductor start-up affiliated with Washington University in St Louis, Director of Business Development for Huntleigh Securities e-brokerage unit, and Financial Analyst for CB commercial real estate in San Francisco. He began his career at Executive Hills, a prominent Kansas City developer, and then worked in Thailand as a project manager for publicly-traded Raimon Land. Mr. Ehney is from Kansas City and obtained his degree in Finance from Abilene Christian University. Based in Ft Lauderdale he enjoys the study of languages, traveling, and spending time with his five children.

Stacey Hindrichs
St Louis Desk
636-489-4698 x3004

Stacey joined iCARD in 2005. She is responsible for accounts payable and receivable as well as order processing. Need to know the status of your corporate order? She'll let you know in English or broken Spanish.

Susie Yan
eGift Card Inventory
St Louis Desk
636-489-4698 x1433

Susie joined has worked on and off at iCARD since its beginning in 1998. She is responsible for electronic gift card procurement and fulfillment as well as fraud check. Have a question about your eGift Card delivery? She'll answer it in fluently in English or hesitantly in Taiwanese, Mandarin, Thai or French.

Victoria Bivens
Physical Card Inventory
Ft Lauderdale Main Office
954-376-3180 x6380

Victoria joined iCARD in 2012. She is responsible for physical gift card procurement and fulfillment. Curious to know if a merchant is out-of-stock? She can tell you in fluently in Russian and Belarussian, and with confidence in German or English.

Debra Jovanovic
Customer Service
St Louis Desk
636-489-4698 x4005

Deb joined iCARD in 2006 and is responsible for customer service. Got a problem? She'll solve it in English or pig Latin. And don't let the name fool you. She's just a good'ol gal from the Midwest.

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