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Super Gift Card

Our Super Gift Card product, which can be emailed or printed, can be redeemed for any of a wide range of merchant gift cards. It is more economical than prepaid Visa cards, has more flexible branding opportunities, and engages the recipient online, where you might also incorporate a survey or cross-sell additional products and services.

It is particularly good for online survey rewards, where it can be delivered online in low denominations like $5 or $10. Email us at sales@icardsystems.com if you have a need for 500 or more such denominations. We'll happily send you a $5 gift card so you can experience it for yourself.

It can include personalization and unique messaging for each recipient. If you are printing it as a certificate, you have the option to make it non-personalized and with uniform messaging like:

Employee Recognition Award
Thanks for the customer referral!
Employee Service Award
We appreciate your business!
Hard work pays off.
Extra Effort Award

When emailed, the messaging can be as long as you like!

The iCARD Gift Card is available in several denominations ranging from $10 to $300.

Best Uses
  • Clients who are tired of guessing what specific merchant card is most likely to be desired by the most people.
  • It is a great reward for participating in online surveys.
  • It is great for delivering a reward FAST, in close proximity to the behavior being rewarded.
  • It is a great cash-back alternative for rebates.
  • It is a great alternative to keeping prepaid Visa cards in a drawer for spot awards, because the iCARD Gift Card, emailed or printed, does not expire.

Cards are offered by iCARD Gift Card LLC, an iCARD Systems company. iCARD's prepaid Visa cards are issued by the MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa.
iCARD Systems is an Independent Sales Organization of MetaBank. © 1998 - 2011 iCARD Systems. All rights reserved.