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Single-load Prepaid Visa: About/Best Uses

Single-load prepaid Visa cards have a wide variety of uses, including incentives, promotions, and rebates. Most any corporate cash disbursement can be faciliated with a prepaid Visa card in lieu of cutting a check. Moreover, prepaid Visa cards offer top-of-mind branding in the recipient's wallet, and can be used immediately.

Non-personalized prepaid Visa cards for values under $500 means they are ideal for spot rewards and give-a-ways. Non-personalized card options are also convenient and easy to order.

Personalized card options give a "trophy" value to the award and make more of an impression on the recipient.

Whether you need one or ten thousand, iCARD's single-load prepaid Visa products are a great value for the following reasons.

1. Easy ordering.
2. Personalization, if you want it.
3. Custom messaging, if you want it.
4. Custom inserts, if you want it.
5. Highest cardholder value in the industry (They get to use the money
     you give them - what a concept!)
6. Competitively priced.
7. Great client and cardholder service.
8. Order as needed - don't risk theft or expiration or having a drawer
      full of cards.

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