About iCARD Systems

iCARD Systems is a holding company comprised of iCARD Promotions LLC, iCARD Gift Card LLC, and Gift Card Stop LLC. iCARD's businesses focus on the delivery of prepaid Visa cards and merchant gift cards. They offer solutions for corporate incentive, promotion, and rebate programs, as well as personal gifting.

Notable Milestones

1998  iCARD Systems is founded as a pioneer of network-branded prepaid cards

2001  iCARD Promotions delivers first prepaid Visa card as part of a consumer promotion for Sprint

2002  icardgiftcard.com is launched selling Visa Gift Cards

2009 iCARD purchases gifts.com gift card business from IAC and icardgiftcard.com is re-launched

2012 Gift Card Stop sells its first eGift Card from a Los Angeles convenience store

Notable Failures

iCARD’s first product, Omnicashâ�¢, was conceived in 1998.  Intended to be the first anonymous off-the-shelf cash card, it was never issued due to lack of endorsement from either MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Visa.  They cited flat, non-embossed, anonymous cards were against regulation.

Madbucks® was conceived in 2000, as a P2P payment and money management card for teens.  iCARD was unsuccessful in finding an issuing bank willing to take on the “risk”.

Inableâ�¢ was conceived on the heels of the government’s antitrust lawsuit against Master Card and Visa as an alternative prepaid network.  However, rather than fostering an environment for competitive networks, the antitrust suit simply gave more leverage to its rivals American Express and Discover and a few major retailers.

Chips Cardâ�¢ was conceived as a casino payout card.  One casino on the strip agreed to implement the program, but the others stated they didn’t want any money leaving the casino.  They preferred it be dropped into a slot machine on the way out the door.

iCARD opens an office in Shanghai in 2010, to offer gift card program management services in China.  Unable to secure a technology platform the office closes in 2012.

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